Friday, 6 June 2008

Highway Robbery Comics!

Highway Robbery by David Hailwodd and Tony SuleriROK Comics creator David Hailwood (Drink Like A Fish, Ups and Downs and more) and artist Tony Suleri Cosmogenesis) have a a new webcomic online via British comic site Bulletproof Comics (

Highway Robbery features the adventures of ape bounty hunter Pubba Gintaro, as he defends the population of Hounddog City from its tyrannical Elvis fixated bovine oppressor... King Burger! (who first appeared as a character for the Rok Comics Mobile Combat game, designed by Stu Smith).

"The strip is exclusive to Bulletproof and will be updated every weekend," says David. "If you get the chance, pop along and have a look and tell us what you think!"

Comment on Highway Robbery on the downthetubes forum (membership required)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Father's Day Problems...

Cartoonist Rich Diesslin just posted this gem of a cartoon on the impending celebrations...

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

ROK Drops Crumb Into China

ROK Comics, a subsidiary of the ROK Entertainment Group Inc., the global mobile entertainment company, is pleased to announce that several top comic creators are having their work translated for distribution in China as part of the company’s ongoing development with over 30,000 downloads delivered in one weekend!

Crumb in ChineseCrumb, created by top cartoonist David Fletcher whose cartoons are published in over 30 newspapers worldwide including New Zealand’s top-selling TV Guide (which has some 800,000 readers a week), the New Zealand Herald and the Australian Daily. The strip is now available in Chinese and through the whole ROK Comics mobile and online distribution network.

Crumb in EnglishAs previously mentioned here, David has developed his new strip, Crumb especially for mobile, which centres on the antics of an ever-hungry blackbird.

“Comics for mobiles seems to me to be the future for cartoon strips and comics,” David says of ROK Comics. “Readers can now choose which comics they want to read and not be told by an editor which comics they can read.

“I love the fact that the mobile cartoon strip is no longer restricted to the usual number of three or four panel, which allows the cartoonist far more freedom to express his idea. Comics for mobiles has come as a breath of fresh air for the comics industry.”

“Several comics artists have started to create comics for mobile format and David’s at the forefront of a whole new way of reaching his audience,” says John Freeman, Managing Editor of ROK Comics. “We think mobile comics have huge potential to reach a worldwide audience who may never see the print editions of some of the comics we’re publishing, which offers creators huge potential in promoting their work.

David’s commitment to Crumb, updated regularly, meant the title was an ideal choice for translation and re-publication in China and initial reaction has been excellent.

Other strips ROK Comics are offering to partners in China include Michael Colbert's Crazy Mary, Look and Learn's Robin Hood, Anomaly by Kennedy Rose and Team Sputnik's Fret for the Day.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Top ROK Comics Referrers May 2008

Here are the top referring sites to ROK Comics for May 2008. Special thanks to all those who helped drive traffic!

3) - links from creators' MySpace pages
4) - Top British SF news blog with a 'Floods' embed
5) - Boychild Productions
7) - the creators of Night Owl
9) - Broken Voice Comics
10) - David Fetcher's tongue in cheek Crumb blog

Also featured in the top 20: Beano creator Kev Sutherland ( and indie artist Paul Harrison-Davies (

Which just goes to show how effective the ROK Comics embeds can be on web sites

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