Friday, 13 June 2008

Win Roy of the Rovers Books!

Note: This competition has now closed

The UK’s teams may be missing out Euro 2008 this summer, but Titan Books is bringing football home with the publication of a new series of books collecting the comic strips of Britain’s most famous fantasy footballer: Roy Race.

The Best of Roy of the Rovers: The 1980s [Titan Books, 13 June 2008, £9.99] is the first in a brand new series of bumper volumes collecting Roy’s thrilling comic strip escapades. Featuring some of Roy’s greatest matches and adventures from the early 1980s, this incredible collection is a must-have for footie fans of all ages. Thrill once more to the roar of the crowd, as Roy and Melchester Rovers face trials and tribulations on and off the pitch, including the threat of relegation, Roy’s marriage troubles, and an assassin’s bullet!

Collected together with an introduction from Gary Lineker, these are the tales that endeared Roy of the Rovers to a generation.

For information on Roy of the Rovers visit the official website

Roy of the Rovers: England Manager is also being serialized via ROK Comics

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Charlotte Corday: The Hampstead Horror

Here are the first two 'chapters' of a new Charlotte Corday story, The Hampstead Horror, created by Commando, New Eagle and Spaceship Away artist Keith Page specifically for mobile. (Read more about the project here)

Charlotte returns in a new feature-length adventure battling an alien menace in 1950's London. Ably assisted by Sergeant Maxfield and a selection of North London gangsters and Teddy Boys, Charlotte manages to save the Capital. The ethereal and mysterious Dennis the Donkey lends a hand too, while the British Secret Service proves to be worryingly inept...

Written by screenwriter Stephen Walsh, Charlotte Corday of the Surete: London Calling is set in London in the early 1950s will also be a full length graphic novel, with a few surprises.

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Keni's Booklands Trailer

ROK Comics creator and MuseToons creator Keni -- also a gifted animator who has also worked as a set painter and scenic artist -- has just published an excerpt of his new animation Booklands on YouTube.
The animation features characters seen in MuseToons and was created in a variety of programs including Lightwave and Final Cut Pro.

Keni has strong views on art of any kind. "Art is a process more than a product," he feels. "It doesn't start with the paint, nor does it end with the picture. The process starts in the heart of the artist and continues in the viewer where spirits, minds and emotions interact through the body of work; testifying to the notion that paint, pastel, bronze, and now, digital art, are indeed mediums.

Art can be a powerful force for social change," he adds. "Knowing this, I tend to create work that revolves around personal and global matters of concern. It’s my way of enlightening, while creatively promoting an awareness in my viewers that hopefully inspire to take action."

View the animation on YouTube
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