Friday, 17 August 2007

Reboot Competition

With our ROK Comics humour competition to win $10K now in its final days (and is it going to be hard to judge!), here's some news of another competition (its deadline 26 August), courtesy of Josh Roberts, who runs the terrific comics web site comicspace - if you want to track down your favourite comic creators, try here!

Vancouver-based effects company Rainmaker Entertainment is working with Zeros 2 Heroes to bring back the classic ReBoot television series. As part of this campaign, Zeros 2 Heroes will be creating a new comic based on ReBoot.

Here's the twist: the art team will be picked solely from online submissions: essentially users upload a sketch, painting, even lettering work for one of the ReBoot characters. These sketches are then voted on by the ReBoot fans, with the winners being called on to make up the art team.

So, it's an unpaid audition, but it will be a paid gig starting in September. The winner will be announced at FanExpo in Toronto on August 26th.

If you've got the time/interest, here's how to get involved:

(1) Go to and join the site.
(2) The ReBoot pitches are found here ( - you need to be logged in.
(3) Launch the Flash viewer by clicking on any of the pitch thumbnails.
(4) Browse through the pitches and pick the CHARACTER or WORLD you think is the most interesting
(5) Upload a sketch using the UPLOAD button

If you haven't got the time to get involved in this process (or you don't really think ReBoot is your thing), no problem. But you may want to join the site anyway... Zeros 2 Heroes will be hiring a LOT of artists in the next few months to work on a number of upcoming projects.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Markosia joins ROK Comics

I'm pleased to report Markosia has joined the growing number of publishers on ROK Comics. There will be a fuller press item later but in the mean time, here's the first episode of "Dark Mists", an adventure set in pre-war Japan...