Wednesday, 1 July 2009

ROK Team Pick: The Return of Ugly Fruit

Curly cucumbers, crooked carrots and mottled mushrooms - odd-looking fruit and vegetables are making a comeback as 20-year-old EU rules are lifted.

Marketing standards for 26 types of produce have been scrapped, in a drive to cut EU bureaucracy, the BBC reports.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ligeia Goes Rock!

Comic artist Rodrigo D. Ricci, creator of the vampire horror comic Ligeia which first appeared on mobile on ROK Comics (, has just released a video single based on the strip via YouTube.

Edgar the Cat is a joint production from Rodrigo and his brother Paulo Diaz Ricci and is the first single inspired by the Ligeia The Vampire comic.

You can view the first full series of the comic - 40 chilling episodes - via

• LIGEIA THE VAMPIRE and EDGAR the cat is copyright RD.RICCI. Edgar the cat song: Lyrics and Music by All Rights Reserved.