Friday, 28 December 2007

Mike Colbert Interviewed

ROK Comics creator Mike Colbert has just been interviewed by Comic Brew, revealing his new plans for Crazy Mary and other projects.

Talking about why he writes comics, Mike says it all comes down to "a pathological need to get this stuff out of my head!"

"Seriously," he continues, "There's a rush that you feel when you got a story coming out through a keyboard and that you are nailing it. There seems to be a channeling thing, you're not creating it it's coming through you. Some stories need to be written and you are the device for it to break into this world.

"Mary is a case like that. She has set me straight when there are things I want her to do and she doesn't want to, it's weird. I don't write Crazy Mary everyday, but there is hardly a day where I don't think about her or find myself grabbing bits of life to put in a CM story."

Read the full interview

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Reddick's New Strip

(via SyFy Portal): ROK Comics cartoonist David Reddick is working on a new online strip for the official website of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry,, which is run by the Great Bird of the Galaxy's family.

The new strip follows hot on the heels of the (hopefully temporary) closure of the official Star Trek web site, which featured David's comic strip "The Trek Life", which also appears in the official Star Trek Magazine. (The official Star Trek web site has ceased the creation of new material but its message boards are still active).

David Reddick, who also works for Paws Inc., publishers of Garfield as well as his own strip "Ballonatiks," and ROK Comics "Reddickulous", will start a new strip in January on called "Gene's Journal." A preview panel promoting the new strip is already online.

The new strip will focus on exploits of a young Gene Roddenberry, dramatized and probably even fictionalized in a way that is probably best fit for the late Star Trek creator who died in 1991. Roddenberry himself was known as someone who would beef up stories from his younger years, or outright create tall tales of different aspects of his life, which always made good listening for those he would tell the stories to.