Thursday, 25 October 2012

From Superheroes to SuperSized - a new exhibition by Giancarlo Caracuzzo

Who said that fatties are all unhappy and unpleasant? "From Superheroes to SuperSized", a new exhibition in Rome featuring the work of Giancarlo Caracuzzo, who drew our recently-released free Joe Whelan comic, sets out to disprove that.

Organized by Fat Lab, the exhibition presents works by Giancarlo Caracuzzo and Mauro Caracuzzo with Flavia Caracuzzo and an illustrated story of Giancarlo Caracuzzo and Katia Ravaioli.

Giancarlo Caracuzzo is a world-renowned illustrator, who drew the likes of Martin Mystere, Nick Rider, Iron Man and Spider-Man, and in recent years has contributed to the success of series and miniseries of horror, fantasy and underground, working for Marvel Comics and some of his best-known writers.

Caracuzzo offers here his latest, stunning work, a play on the paradox of fat versus thin, creating original and scandalous marriages in this age of media fundamentalism against thoase with weight issues.

The exhibtion also features drawings and works by artist and designer Mauro Caracuzzo and Flavia Caracuzzo.

The story Ernesto and Mirella featured in the exhibition is written by Katia Ravaioli and illustrated by Giancarlo, and takes its name from a blog (in Italian) already much talked about on social media sites. It's the story of two misfits who meet dancing the tango, learn to dance and fall in love each other, and eventually themselves.

• From Superheroes to SuperSized runs until 2nd November 2012 at the Gallery Interior Red, Rome, Via dei Banchi Vecchi 32. Web Page (in Italian):

• Ernesto e Mirella blog: