Friday, 6 June 2008

Highway Robbery Comics!

Highway Robbery by David Hailwodd and Tony SuleriROK Comics creator David Hailwood (Drink Like A Fish, Ups and Downs and more) and artist Tony Suleri Cosmogenesis) have a a new webcomic online via British comic site Bulletproof Comics (

Highway Robbery features the adventures of ape bounty hunter Pubba Gintaro, as he defends the population of Hounddog City from its tyrannical Elvis fixated bovine oppressor... King Burger! (who first appeared as a character for the Rok Comics Mobile Combat game, designed by Stu Smith).

"The strip is exclusive to Bulletproof and will be updated every weekend," says David. "If you get the chance, pop along and have a look and tell us what you think!"

Comment on Highway Robbery on the downthetubes forum (membership required)

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