Thursday, 19 June 2008

Vampires descend on ROK Comics!

Rodrigo Diaz Ricci's new Liegia comic strip is proving quite a hit: a Spanish language site,, has just posted an interview with the creator which may be of interest (if you can read Spanish!)

Ligeia, created by Rodrigo is a vampire living in Rumania, and the strip can now be downloaded on any cellphone in the world. You only need to have a connection WAP.

"I created Ligeia in the summer of the 2006 in Italy," says Rodrigo. "I was inspir├Ęd by Edgar Allan Poe: I needed a vampire with a certain touch irony. Originally pitched as graphic novel to an Italian publisher Liegia has since, incredibly given the strip's popularity on ComicSpace, been "buried" on Rodrigo's computer until it found its new ROK Comics home.

Read Liegia on ROK Comics

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