Monday, 23 June 2008

Crazy Mary goes Wow

ROK Comic creator Mike Colbert - despite juggling his work behind the scenes on My Name is Earl and home life as a new dad ("My baby is 3.5 months old and I'm amazed I'm able to get this e-mail off to you," he tells us) - reports he's busy with several comics projects.

ROK Comics strip Crazy Mary is now available on for free download (US only) with the four-issue story The Hunt for Dano Corvair being coloured now with an eye on a July release, also on wowio.

"Federico Zumel (Crazy Mary - Chase) did the pencils," syas Mike, "Larry Brown is colouring, Nathan Kroll is inking and E.T. Dollman is lettering."

Mike's also had time to revamp his web site (, with more on the way, and has been writing comic reviews for

"I've also written a story for William Blankenship's comic series Special Edition, he reveals. The story is called "Spak Daxler: Hero of the Ages!" and it's a big dumb superhero fight with a giant mutant cybernetic lizard and all that implies. William has the pages inked and is heading into the coloring stage now. Release is TBD."

"I sold a story to Darkslinger Comics for their series Ghost Assassin called "Unfinished Business". An artist is being chosen now."

In more Crazy Mary-related news, artist J.K. Woodward, who drew the first two stories and Fallen Angel, will see his Marvel debut, X-Men Origins - Beast released as a collection in September. "Yours truly rocks a cameo in it as a jock who teases Hank McCoy," says Mike.

As for season four of My Name is Earl, Mike tells us "So far, we've had Seth Green and Jerry Van Dyke as guest stars, made Randy a cheerleader and blown up Pigsquatch!"

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