Sunday, 6 April 2008

We hear The Sound of Drowning...

The Sound of Drowning #11 from ROK Comics creator Paul O'Connell is out now and available from his eponymous web site priced just £3.

The issue includes strips such as 'The Optician', 'Mexican Surgery' and Daze: The Post Apocalyptic Avon Lady in Happy Daze, among others.

Also on sale from the same site is the beautifully drawn She's Leaving Home Mini Comic, featuring art by Lawrence Elwick.

She's Leaving Home is also being serialised for mobile and published via ROK Comics. Paul kindly agreed to try the strip on ROK Comics as part of our drive for more strips that would fit with ROK Comics newly-launched WAP subscription site for the UK arm of international women's retailer Claire's, part of a package of mobile products for the company that includes virtual pets and various text feed services. You can pick up a leaflet instore at any Claire's shop - the Claire's web site includes a store locator.

Always busy on the comics front, Paul tells us he's currently accepting submissions for the second Soda anthology of illustrated song lyrics - a collection of illustrations inspired by lyrics from those songs that get stuck in your head all day.

Submissions should be
single page A5 300dpi, deadline 1st June 2008. More information here, plus details of the contributors to the first volume, who included Indigo, Nelson Evergreen, James Daniel Rory Price, Lawrence Elwick, Lee O'Connor and many, many others.

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