Friday, 29 February 2008

ROK Financial Results on the Up

ROK Entertainment Group Inc., the global mobile entertainment group that owns ROK Comics, has announced its financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended December 31, 2007.

Highlights of its latest report include:

• A revenues increase for the quarter by 518% to $7.0m (Q3 2006: $1.1m)

• In the nine month period revenues were up by 203% to $7.8m from the corresponding period last year (9 months 2006: $2.5m)

• Completion of reverse takeover into Cyberfund Inc. and consequent listing on the OTC Bulletin Boards

• Acquired controlling stakes in Fun Little Movies and Rock (a subsidiary of Eikon Group Ltd)

• Nokia is offering both versions of the Group’s mobile TV on its handsets. ROK TV is being pre-loaded onto the E and N series of handsets sold by Nokia in Europe and FreeBe TV on all suitable handsets in the United States

ROK is now well positioned to take advantage of the future growth in handset numbers, which is expected to increase from three to four billion and be concentrated in China and the Indian sub-continent, where ROK are focusing their immediate deployments: ROK Comics is already available in Pakistan via Telenor's djuice wap service.

“We are very pleased to report results that were slightly ahead of management expectations," commented Laurence Alexander, Chief Executive of ROK, "reflecting the increase in consumer spending on value added services provided by mobile operators.”

• For a detailed report, follow link Here

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