Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Musetoons go mobile

Los Angeles artist Keni and his MuseToons cartoons have teamed up with ROK Comics.

Created using 3D software and digital paint tools, MuseToons are a unique daily strip taking a thoughtfully humorous look at current events; politics, race, religion, ecology and many other topics being discussed around the world.

Other cartoons of interest document Keni’s association with the film and television industry; including cartoons about the contentious Hollywood screen writers strike.

Keni began his career in the motion picture and television industry, working as a set builder. He went on to work as a scenic artist, set painter and videographer and has participated in many art shows and sells internationally. His artwork has been published in Pastel Artist International, Watercolor Magic Magazine, Topia (a former international entertainment magazine), and local publications.

“I’ve always liked to build things," says Keni of his choice to use 3D software in cartooning. "3D is a way to combine architecture, sculpture, painting and humour into one image or series of panels.”

While other artists are creating comics in 3D (for example, the new SF series Ex Astris, which also features on ROK Comics) and UK newspaper The Sun publishes the regular football strip Striker, Keni seems to be one of the first daily humour cartoonists to be working in 3D.

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