Thursday, 13 December 2007

ROK Comics Creator Profiled

The Bangor (Maine) Daily News has profiled cartoonist and ROK Comics creator Josh Alves, whose Araknid Kid is among the entries in this month’s Zuda Comics competition (

The Araknid Kid, who communicates in picto-speak, battles evildoers with his web-shooting trapeze bar and his ability to stick to walls. The Kid was a minor character in Alves’ old series Zeek and Dent and 25-earold Alves, who publishes Out to Lunch on Rok Comics, has been preparing Araknid Kid since DC first announced Zuda, a user-generated Web site.

The winner of each monthly competition earns a contract to produce 52 more weekly installments of their Web-comic.

Alves, who works at the Bangor Daily News as a graphic arts technician, is running seventh in the early voting.

He realizes that such a national platform can help him in terms of exposure."It means a lot," Alves told the paper. "I hope to continue the series whether I win or not. I might approach other publishers if I don’t win. I’m likening this to American Idol. You don’t need to win to benefit from it."

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