Monday, 22 October 2007

Garfield Gets Real

Garfield Gets Real DVD. Garfield © Paws Inc.
Garfield, available for mobile via ROK Comics in some territories and in the US via GoComics, is up to some frisky business in his brand new all-computer-generated feature film Garfield Gets Real, which will be released on Region 1 DVD on 20 November from Fox Home Entertainment.

Fans can see Garfield, Odie and their pals like never before when the lasagna-loving feline – having grown bored with his life inside a comic strip – decides to venture out into the “real world” in a wild and wacky adventure written and produced by Garfield creator Jim Davis. Realizing that his comic strip will be cancelled unless he can make it back into the cartoon world before the next edition is published, Garfield embarks on a perilous journey back onto the page while evil forces challenge his every turn.

We don't have word on a Region 2 release yet but it's unlikely to be far behind the US debut. Check out the official web site for the latest information.

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