Thursday, 13 September 2007

Rites of Passage for BVC's Shades

Broken Voice Comics has released Chapter 7 of its flagship title – the online graphic novel Shades – on its web site at www.broken

Written by David A J Berner and illustrated in full colour by artist Harsho Mohan Chattoraj, Shades, which also features on ROK Comics, tells the story of a group of heroes in the UK, struggling to come to terms with their role in late 20th Century Britain; a Britain still haunted by the loss of Empire.

With the main protagonists now firmly established, Chapter 7 (titled “Rite of Passage”) will see teenagers Becky, Craig and Ryan Allen keen to prove themselves to their childhood heroes – former World War fighter pilot Doug Chamberlain, the mystical figure known as the Shaman and the First Century warrior queen Boudicca.

“The conflict between generations is one of the principal themes in Shades,” explains Berner. “The younger heroes are keen to tackle the threat they’ve identified from a suspected terrorist group known as the Cult of Bedlam. However, Doug, Boudicca and the Shaman are – for a variety of reasons – not entirely ready to stand down and hand over the baton. Over the next few chapters, some hard lessons are going to have to be learned on both sides!”

Other Broken Voice titles featured on ROK Comics are Spires and the vampire story Hunted.

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spleenal said...

good stuff. it sounds like a great idea to put cartoons on phones

have a look at the cartoons on my blog are they the sort of thing that could go on a phone?

just click the cartoon label and it should show you every thing so far