Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I think I'd rather be reading a comic

Going to the toilet, cutting your toe nails and and having sex are just some of the activities people get up to when talking on the phone, according to a poll released this week by Britain's Post Office.

The survey found seven per cent of people had "been intimate" with a partner when on the telephone to someone else, with men were more likely than women to have been involved in a romantic clinch when chatting on the phone, with nine per cent admitting to answering a call when making love compared to five per cent of women.

The survey found one in 10 people admitted to taking a call while otherwise engaged. It also found that people in the Newcastle region, for example, were also most likely to chat to friends while sitting on the toilet, with 44 per cent of people admitting to it compared with just 21 per cent of Scots.

A total of 2188 people were questioned for the survey, which lists these top ten "other activities"...

The Top Ten activities people indulge in when on the phone are:

1 Surf the internet (65 per cent)
2 Watch TV (64 per cent)
3 Lie in bed (54 per cent)
4 Eat (48 per cent)
5 Cook (43 per cent)
6 Draw / doodle (41 per cent)
7 Clean (34 per cent)
8 Use the toilet (31 per cent)
9 Get dressed (25 per cent)
10 Shop (26 per cent)

"We are certainly a nation of talkers," commented Martin Moran, head of telephony at the Post Office, "and judging by these figures, we won't let anything stand in the way of a good old gossip, which could turn out to be a fairly pricey habit."

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