Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Daily Cartoonist mention for ROK Comics

Comic creator Rich Diesslin, who delivers "Out to Lunch" to ROK Comics, kindly passed on the link to yesterday's The Times article on mobile comics to Alan Gardner's top comics site The Daily Cartoonist, and it's already attracting feedback which I've responded too on that site.

One interesting thing coming out of comics fandom and creator reaction to comics on mobile phones has been a strident defence of print comics, as though comics on mobile will somehow put an end to them. This of course is not the case: in fact, we have plans to do more to promote print comics down the line anhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifd we always saw mobile comics, like web comics, as a means to complement print comics (and web comics, come to that).

The other major point about this is that in some countries where ROK Comics is setting up WAP comics subscriber-only sites with telecom partners, like Pakistan, print comics are not big business, but comic reader numbers are still huge, largely reading strops via newspapers. PC use is also low compared with mobile phones, making even more sense to develop the delivery of comics to mobile there.

It also means that we can promote some independent creators creations alongside more well known licensed content, offering a platform for their work they may previously not had. Hopefully that's a big plus 9as well as the potential revenue stream for their work).

Interesting that the Times article got picked up by a blog in India, among others... the power of the 'net, eh?

The whole project is proving a learning curve both for us here behind the scenes and the creators, but it's also very exciting.

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